Marsonia montaža LLC

About us

Company MARSONIA montaža LLC  was established in middle 2012. in Slavonski Brod, Croatia.

Primary business is setting up pipelines and metal structures in petroleum plants, chemical and food industries.

Characterized by our high technical standards, works with tecnical contemporary methods and materials, as well as constant investment in education of our employees and improving the quality are our trademarks.

On average we employ 40 highly specialized professionals and metal workers, mostly welders with TIG process, pipe fitters, locksmith-fitters and CO2 and SMAW process welders. The main objectives of our strict adherence to deadlines, meeting the quality of works and compliance with all technical standards.


Number of references indicates the quality of completed projected. We cooperate with leading companies from the sectors of energy solutions like SIEMENS EOG, AE & E Austria, as well as the industry leader of oil processing in Croatia – Croatian INA.


We are working in chemical, petrochemical and petroleum plants, power plants and plants of food industry. Also we prepare constructions and pipelines in the workshop of investors, as well as we assembly them. We also perform work in plants of food industry.

  • welding of all metals TIG, TIG + MMA, MMA, MIG, MAG process
  • Manufacture of fabricated metal products
  • processing metals
  • manufacture and installation of metal structures
  • preparation and installation of piping systems in chemical and petrochemical plants
  • preparation and installation of piping in the food industry
  • preparation and installation of piping in petroleum plants
  • repair and maintain industrial machinery and equipment
  • investment works abroad
  • buying and selling goods
  • performance of commercial mediation in domestic and international market
  • design, construction, operation and removal of structures
  • construction supervision


We curently employ workers of all professions in metal industry, most TIG process welders, pipe fitters, locksmiths and installers, as well as other employees in metal setor, machinists and auxiliary workers.

Conditions of employment in addition to professional knowledge and skills needed to perform tasks well are psycho-physical ability and high responsibility. Previous experience is desirable and motivation for work and inclination to teamwork.

How to start working for Marsonia Montaža LLC?

Contact the personnel department, send your information or application and resume to the email address or the address of the company, or you can simply register by filling in our on-line form.